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Monthly Meeting

Date: October 14, 2021

Place: CECA Training Center

Speaker: Steve Van Duser
Eaton Corporation
District Application Engineer

Topic: Guidelines for Achieving Selective Coordination Requirements per NEC 2017 Code

Will review code mandated requirements for achieving selective coordination of electrical circuits.

1. Review the definition of Selective Coordination per NEC Article 100.
2. Introduce primary commercial applications where this is applicable and why.
3. Illustrate pictorially what elements of the system are required to be designed for compliance.
4. Explain possible issues that can occur during the design and bidding phases.
5. Discuss possible solutions to overcome problems during this process.


CECA Electrical Apprenticeship Testimony
Upcoming Schedule
  • November 11th: Apprenticeship Graduation/Oyster Roast
  • December: No Meeting